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Mits Naga


Through 25 years of experience in the demanding world of corporate photography, Mits Naga Photography has delivered consistent, creative and professional quality on every assignment.  His skills have been demonstrated in every conceivable situation and the results are yours to consider, from representative images to glowing client testimonials that reflect not just on the quality of his work but his ability to interact successfully with any subject.

Take a virtual trip through the world of Mits Naga Photography and make your plans to harness his expertise to meet your own needs – from major corporate events to individual executive portraits and everything in between!




"My approach to photography started when I was just a kid and found I wasn’t happy with just 'snapping away' at things but wanted to rearrange my subjects to make them visually more interesting.  I still remember getting scolded for wasting so many rolls of B&W 120 format film!

I’ve been photographing professionally now for three decades and the excitement and the challenge for me is still to be able to find something unique in any situation and use this insight to create a more memorable result.

Most often this comes from the subjects themselves – so I put a lot of importance on the interactions I have with people I’m working with and try to incorporate what I learn into the final product.

I believe this approach takes my work beyond just recording an event and instead makes more of a statement about what’s important in that particular situation – something I’m often told really makes my photography more distinctive and adds value to the result.”


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