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Portrait Photography:

I really got excited when I finally “saw the light” and understood what lighting was all about. Don’t fool around with Mother Nature; learn from her.

People & Events Photography:

Event photography has become my forte since Expo 86 and I have even risked my life trying to get photos for my clients. Once I got too close to President Bush Sr. and was whisked away by two Secret Service Agents.  I could laugh now…ha, ha…ouch!

Theatre Photography:

I look forward to photographing theatre students because of their uncontainable, uncontrollable energy and enthusiasm– I always feel younger after the shoot. 

Nature Photography:

Nature was what got me started as a professional photographer with Ministry of Environment, Fish & Wildlife Branch.  As a government staff photographer, I covered most of this beautiful British Columbia from Atlin to Osoyoos and Haida Gwaii to the Rockies. Not quite coast-to-coast-to-coast but coast singular.

More Photography:

My photographic eye is always working. My camera is always with me. Enjoy!

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